2012-02-06 03:44 pm

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Jokes about Madonna being old? Not funny. M.I.A. flipping off "America," is neither offensive or shocking, but I'm glad CNN and others could tell us that it was. You know what's offensive, America? The blatant sexism that riddled the commercials featured during the Super Bowl. Gain some perspective and grow up.

Ok, maybe some people don't want to get flipped off during a super bowl half time show. I take that back, and she shouldn't have done it. But where is the uproar about Godaddy telling your kids to where to go find a mostly naked woman?
2012-02-06 03:45 pm


All ranting will now be posted here. Few people will see it, but I'll still be able to get it out of my head.. Now, my wonderfully easily offended Facebook friends will no longer get upset.