I asked an acquaintance and Rick Santorum supporter to clarify a few bible quotes for me and to justify them through their beliefs. They told me to read, not just those few lines, but the whole entry and I would have a better understanding. I came up with the same conclusion that I had previously made. This left me frustrated and thinking they can't justify them because they know they're wrong. That wasn't the outcome I was looking for. I was looking for a better understanding of their beliefs in an attempt to myself become better understanding, and therefore hopefully less stressed.

Dear Senator Mike Lee, Junior senator for Utah,

I don't understand why you think you yourself have a better understanding than most of the US constitution. Just because you and a few friends believe that a circle is a square doesn't actually make it true. If it weren't for the ridiculous caucus process that is used here in Utah, where a party picks the most extreme and ridiculous of all the candidates, you and your outrageous beliefs, that are not, in fact, in line with most Utahns, never would have been elected.

~ Derek

Black History Month exists to recognize the trials and the move forward of African Americans. Maybe if someone had help you captive and forced you to do labor and then threw things at you when you tried to do something as radical as go to school, there would be a white history month. That is an over simplification.. but if you think we need a white history month, that's about as difficult an explanation as you can probably handle.


Feb. 6th, 2012 03:45 pm
All ranting will now be posted here. Few people will see it, but I'll still be able to get it out of my head.. Now, my wonderfully easily offended Facebook friends will no longer get upset.
Jokes about Madonna being old? Not funny. M.I.A. flipping off "America," is neither offensive or shocking, but I'm glad CNN and others could tell us that it was. You know what's offensive, America? The blatant sexism that riddled the commercials featured during the Super Bowl. Gain some perspective and grow up.

Ok, maybe some people don't want to get flipped off during a super bowl half time show. I take that back, and she shouldn't have done it. But where is the uproar about Godaddy telling your kids to where to go find a mostly naked woman?
I need to think of something to use this for.



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